Smaller size. Same great judicial action. RBG for Good is a mobile WebAR experience that lets you keep RBG fit, rested, and on top of her game.

View RBG in AR with your mobile device.
AR works best on the latest Safari for iPhones or Chrome for Androids.

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This is rad… but what is it?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a champion of Americans’ Rights and Freedoms—and now, you can be too. RBG For Good lets you watch over a pocket-sized RBG in augmented reality right from your smartphone.

Access the experience using your mobile browser with the most recent OS.

Help RBG fight for your rights by keeping her fit, rested, and on the top of her game. But don't just interact with RBG online—stand with the notorious protector of America’s rights and freedoms by making your voice heard this November. Register with Rock the Vote now.

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Rocking the Vote Since 1990

Rock the Vote is the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit organization in the country driving the youth vote to the polls. Since 1990, Rock the Vote has fused pop culture, music, art, and technology to fulfill its mission of building long-term youth political power. During the past six Presidential elections, Rock the Vote ran the largest voter registration drives for young people and has partnered with more than 25,000 partners through its online, multilingual voter registration tool. Rock the Vote is dedicated to mobilizing the vote, protecting voting rights and advocating for an electoral process and voting system that works for the Millennial generation, America's largest and most diverse population in history.

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To launch an AR Experience, we need to use your camera.
You'll also need the latest Safari for iPhones or Chrome for Androids.

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Tap her workout gear to help her stay fit and on the top of her game.

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Tap the coffee mug to help her stay up to date on the latest stories.


All work and no play is not the RBG way.
Tap the stage to fuel her passions.


This browser does not support the experience, please try another! AR works best on the latest Safari for iPhones or Chrome for Android. Try opening in your native browser instead of an app.

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